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Pro Series Cycling Mask w/ N95 Filtration System


The Xpress Mask Pro Series with the N95 Filtration System combines tech and fashion as one of the world's most advanced and fashionable masks on the market. Providing maximum protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, and air pollution with a certified N95 filtration system - and patented dual-chamber air valves. Stock is extremely limited, and these are not sold anywhere else. 


Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

Due to the recent outbreaks of Covid-19 we are offering 25% off. We will also be donating free masks to local hospitals in the USA, Canada, Italy, United Kingdom, and other countries who need them the most. Now is the time to prepare yourself and your loved ones while contributing to a great cause at the same time.


(Note: Do not share masks with family and friends, please make sure each individual has their own mask in order to minimize the spread of any viruses.)

  • Specifications

    Protection Against Harmful Particles
    By combining cutting-edge filter technology with a timeless European design, the Xpress Mask Pro Series offers outstanding performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air. This product is reusable and has a washable filter and component(s).

    Through the breakout of COVID-19, ensuring health and safety in our community has become a top priority for millions of people - but this has always been a priority for us! In addition to the Coronavirus, this filter will also protect you from other bacteria and air pollutants such as dust and smoke. 

  • Additional Information

    Protection Against Invisible Threats
    People lose their lives every year due to poor air quality & pollutants counts – a number our masks are set to lower with their innovative designs. 


    Advanced Air Filtration Technolgy
    To offer the most efficient solution against invisible killers, all of our masks were designed with a 5-layer N95 filtration system and military-grade carbon.


    Xpress masks ensure that all 20,000 breaths you take throughout each day are clean from pollutants. With its modern technology and design it has been proven to reduce allergic reactions and preventing infections. This mask is an everyday essential for a healthier, fashionable lifestyle.


    Thank you for reading, stay safe out there!